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Digging In The Dirt

Celebrating Our 8th Year of Schoolyard Gardening

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        The EJ Schoolyard Garden has been certified as "naturally grown" since 2011!  There are many standards that must be met before a "farm" (our schoolyard garden) can be accepted into the CNG Program and these requirements are best reviewed at:


One of the many standards is responsible pest management. For our schoolyard garden, we utilize Lady Bugs, marigolds and hand-picking for pest management.  Our gardens are fertilized with seaweed and fish emulsion as well.This year our Kindergarten successfully nurtured their own ladybug farm

and have successfully hatched ladybugs and butterflies for our edible schoolyard and rain gardens! 

The Kindergarten Farming Fridays are a huge success! 

This year our PTA has funded our CNG certification, supplied our seaweed/fish fertilizers and  secured native rain garden plants to spice-up these beds.

Thank You PTA!